Ellen Crockett - Regional Director 2005-2016

A TICA Judge since 1986, TICA Distinguished Juge Ellen Crockett has had cats her whole life, starting with childhood "barn cats". She got her first pedigreed cat in 1968 (a Persian), and had been involved in the cat fancy ever since. She has bred Persians, American Shorthairs, Sphynx and Devon Rex.

She was a founding member of TICA in 1979; a charter member of TICA's first club, Commencement Cat Club, and entered the judging program in 1985. She has lived in many places all over the world, following her husband's military career. She is currently serving on the TICA Board as Northwest Regional Director.

In "real life", Ellen is retired. In her previous career, she was the Emergency Services Director for the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the American Red Cross. She managed a satellite office, and trained and deployed volunteers in times of national disaster.

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