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TICA NW Region's
Kitten of The Year


IW Kelloggs Empire
Breeder: Carly/Heinrich Kellogg
Owner: Carly/Heirich Kellogg and Cornelia Schofield



2009-10 Regional Winners

Championship Cats
Top 20 All Breed     Longhair    Shorthair
Household Pets
Household Pet Kittens
Lifetime Achievement Award Winners
Oustanding Dam
Junior Exhibitors
Member of The Year
Humanitarian of The Year

2009-10 Best of Breed

Abyssinian Oriental Longhair
American Shorthair Oriental Shorthair
Balinese Persian
Bengal Peterbald
Birman Pixiebob
British Shorthair Pixiebob LH
Burmese Ragdoll
Chartreux Russian Blue
Cornish Rex Scottish Fold
Cymric Selkirk Rex
Devon Rex Selkirk Rex LH
Egyptian Mau Siamese
Exotic Shorthair Siberian
Himalayan Singapura
Japanese Bobtail SH Somali
Maine Coon Sphynx
Manx Tonkinese
Munchkin Toyger
Norwegian Forest Turkish Van

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