Regarding Dr. Elsey Sponsorships: Every year a Club Survey must be completed by the show manager to apply for show sponsorship in that year. TICA must have a minimum of 12 weeks to process the survey and forward funds. The sponsor is notified when funds are awarded and the sponsor must have time to prepare and ship a box with product for display at show. Sponsorship dollar amounts may vary.  
And a Mouse
Olympia, WA USA
Kay Hanvey
Garden City Cat Club
Victoria, BC Canada
Marilyn McCorkindale
The Calgary Cat Association
Maureen Davies
Calgary, AB Canada
International Specialty Club
Seattle, WA USA
Elaine Weitz
Can Am Cat Club
Richmond, BC Canada
Yvonne Patrick
The Maine Event
Seattle, WA USA
Elaine Weitz
Cat Fanciers of BC
Vancouver, BC Canada
Gillian Huber
The New Culture Club
Portland, OR USA
Pamela Barrett
Commencement Cat Club
Olympia, WA USA
Ellen Crockett
Okanagan Valley Cat Fanciers
Kelowna BC
Munira Murrey
YouTube videos
Edmonton Cat Fanciers
Edmonton, AB Canada
Angela Hick-Ewing
Bellevue, WA USA
Andres Munt
Evergreen Cat Fanciers
Seattle, WA USA
Tracy Hisel
White Hatters Cat Fanciers
Calgary, AB Canada
Ellen Crockett

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