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TICA NW Region's
Alter of the Year

 LA SGCA Kelloggs Hit the Lights

Breeder: Carly & Heinrich Kellogg
Owner: Poppy Schofield and Carly & Heinrich Kellogg




Breeds are linked back to the TICA main site for pictures, more details, and a list of breeders for that breed. 

Breeds Competing in Championship
Abyssinian American Bobtail LH
American Bobtail SH American Curl SH
American Curl LH American Shorthair
American Wirehair Balinese
Bengal Birman
Bombay British Shorthair
British Longhair Burmese
Chartreux Cornish Rex
Chausie Devon Rex
Cymric Exotic Shorthair
Egyptian Mau Himalayan
Havana Japanese Bobtail LH
Japanese Bobtail SH Kurilian Bobtail
Kurilian Bobtail LH LaPerm
Korat Maine Coon
LaPerm SH Munchkin
Manx Nebelung
Munchkin LH Ocicat
Norwegian Forest Oriental Shorthair
Oriental Longhair Peterbald
Persian Pixiebob LH
Pixiebob Russian Blue
Ragdoll Scottish Fold
Savannah Scottish Straight
Scottish Fold LH Selkirk Rex
Scottish Straight LH Siamese
Selkirk Rex LH Singapura
Siberian Somali
Snowshoe Thai
Sphynx Toyger
Tonkinese Turkish Van
Turkish Angora  

Advanced New Breeds

Australian Mist
Khaomanee Napoleon
Napoleon LH Serengetti

Preliminary New Breeds



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