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TICA Northwest Regional Awards
Junior Exhibitor Sponsorships
$25 Each - email

The Top Ten Junior Exhibitors will be recognized at the Regional Level at the awards ceremony. These juniors are under the age of 18. This program allows juniors to participate in the TICA experience and learn about feline husbandry. The Goals of the Junior Exhibitor program are to:

  •  Educate junior exhibitors on feline health and care
  • Mentor junior exhibitors as they build their self confidence
  • Inspire and honor Junior Exhibitors with trophies and awards as they learn about competition and good sportsmanship
  • Grow the number of TICA Junior Members

1.     Simone Romey


2.     Sarah Mangefeste


3.     Savannah Benson


4.     Robert Munford


5.     Maren Santiago


6.     Dasha Marinets


7.     Stella Mason


8.     Brieanah Jager


9.     Jesula McCallum


10.  Knight Adndtt




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