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Regional Awards — It's that time of year again. The time to sponsor regional awards. We have been able to secure awards this year from an original vendor.  Please click here to see a list of cats receiving awards.

If you wish to order a DUPLICATE award (trophy, plaque and/or rosette) for a co-owner, breeder, etc., please email the Regional Director ASAP so the DUPLICATE awards can be ordered.

Duplicate Award Pricing:

  • Best Kitten, Cat, Alter, HHPK, HHP Trophy $50 US / $37 US (CA members)
  • Top 25 Kittens, Cat, Alters, HHPK, HHP Rosettes $25 US / $19 US (CA members)
  • Lifetime Achievement Plaques $75 US / $56 US (CA members)
  • Outstanding Sire / Dam Plaques $75 US / $56 US (CA members)
  • Best of Breed Cat Plaques $25 US /$19 US (CA members)

Photos for Powerpoint and Website:

Show how proud you are of your cats' accomplishments during the 2019-2020 show season by sharing your cat's photos at the regional awards banquet and on our region's website. Please send photos to: in both portrait AND landscape. The higher the resolution the better. Be sure to include: Owner's Name, Breeder's Name, Cat's Name with earned titles, and Award Placement(s)

Photos are needed for the following:

  • Top 25 Kittens
  • Top 25 AB Cats
  • Top 25 LH Cats (not in the top 25 AB)
  • Top 25 SH Cats (not in the top 25 AB)
  • Top 3 in each Breed
  • Top 25 Alters
  • Top 25 HHP Kittens
  • Top 25 HHP Adults
  • Lifetime Achievement Winners
  • Outstanding Sires
  • Outstanding Dams
  • Junior Exhibitors

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