2021-21 Top 9 Household Pets
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Household Pet of the Year

IW SGM Lazarus of Somsinai
Blue Classic Tabby Shorthair

Owner: Tracy Hisel



2nd Best Household Pet

LA SGM Koa Kula of Mahina
Red Classic Tabby/White Shorthair

Owner: Elizabeth Thompson


3rd Best Household Pet

RW SGM Percy
Red Mackerel Tabby/White Longhair

Owner: Kassandra/Barbara Jean Burnham


4th Best Household Pet

RW Morris Marcel Su St Amour
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby/White Shorthair

Owner: Esther Su


5th Best Household Pet

RW Kaleeah Sky
Blue Point and White Shorthair

Owner: Michelle Benson


6th Best Household Pet

IW SGM Stoffel Maximus Su St Amour
Blue/White Shorthair

Owner: Esther Su
7th Best Household Pet

RW SGM White Out
Cream Mackerel Tabby Shorthair

Owner: Michele/Savannah Benson


8th Best Household Pet

RW QGM Buckbeak Thomas Charles
Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby Longhair

Owner: Kassandra Burnham/Mackenzie Mase


9th Best Household Pet

RW Sir Ollie Oxenfree
Black/White Shorthair

Owner: Alisha Bartlett/Kess Rose-Brown

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