2019-20 OD/OS Lifetime Achievement
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LA BW SGC Etonnant Ophelia of Mahina

White Turkish Angora Female
Breeder: Dan & Michelle Beaudry / Owner: Jim & Elizabeth Thompson

 2019-20 18th Best Alter TICA International
2018-19 9th Best Kitten TICA NW
2018-19 2nd Best Cat TICA NW


LA BW SGC Coonamor We Will Rock You

Brown (Black) Classic Tabby Maine Coon Male
Breeder/Owner: Jan Horlick

2019-20 12th Best Cat TICA International
2018-19 TICA International Kitten of the Year
2018-19 5th Best Cat TICA International


LA BW SGC Casadecano Cha Ching of Samphire

Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point Siamese Male
Breeder: Patricia L Decano / Owner: Cornelia Schofield

2018-19 4th Best Alter TICA International
2017-18 14th Best Alter TICA International
2017-18 23rd Best Kitten TICA International


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