2017-18 Top 25 Bottom 13 Longhaired Cats
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13th Best Longhaired Cat

RW BW QGC Endelosglede Bjorn
White Norwegian Forest Cat

Breeder/Owner: Pam Butcher/Tracy Hisel

14th Best Longhaired Cat

RW SGC Larhae Magnum Opus
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby Maine Coon

Breeder/Owner: Lara Lucas

15th Best Longhaired Cat

RW SGC Adalstein Dikaya Krassa
Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat

Breeder: Natalia Borovkova/Olga Gromova
Owner: T Hisel/P Butcher/V Stringfellow

16th Best Longhaired Cat

RW Wasillia Strutin My Stuff
Cream Classic Tabby/White Persian

Breeder/Owner: Jenny Vessey

17th Best Longhaired Cat

RW QGC Bigrivercoon Calista Of Larhae
Red Classic Tabby Maine Coon

Breeder: Becky Boesch
Owner: Lara Lucas

18th Best Longhaired Cat

RW QGC Coonamor Sway
Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon

Breeder/Owner: Jan Horlick

19th Best Longhaired Cat

RW QGC Izzadorablerags Bo Of Bakerviewrags
Chocolate Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder: Rebecca Player
Owner: Beverly Welsh

20th Best Longhaired Cat

RW QGC Marryfold Jessica Jay
Red Classic Tabby/White Scottish Fold Longhair

Breeder: M Avdeeva And M Bagautdinova
Owner: Tetyana Khursenko

21st Best Longhaired Cat

RW QGC Mishikoonz Parvati Pass
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby Maine Coon Polydactyl

Breeder/Owner: Carolyn Tucker

22nd Best Longhaired Cat

RW TGC Hoaloha Sweet Elly May
Black Silver Mackerel Tabby/White Persian

Breeder/Owner: Christa Chapman

23rd Best Longhaired Cat

RW Sacchidananda Sun Jewel Of Toreador
Lilac Lynx (Tabby) Point Balinese

Breeder: Linda L Galloway
Owner: Angela Hick-Ewing/Linda Galloway

24th Best Longhaired Cat

RW DGC Bellapalazzo Wynter
Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder: Melinda Ferreira
Owner: Kristy Goodloe

25th Best Longhaired Cat

RW QGC Ragalong Wedgewood Blue
Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder/Owner: Alan And Marilyn Mccorkindale

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