2018-19 LA/OS/OD  
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SGC OD Silverscoon Gaia of Woodpile

GRC Woodpile Billie Burke of Rumfold
QGC Woodpile Baci of Patacoonia
QGCA Woodpile Drago
RW SGC Woodpile Peregrin Took
RW SGC Woodpile Quicksilver

Onner: Jan Dell

LA SGC Woodpile Fire When Ready

2018 18th Best International Alter
2017 4th Best Cat Northwest Region
2016 18th Best Kitten Northwest Region

Breeder/Owner: Jan Dell

RW OD DGC Rumford Catch A Fire of Woodpile
GRC Woodpile Honey of Patacoonia
QGCA Woodpile Sharpshooter
LA SGC Woodpile Fire When Ready
RW SGCA Woopile Solar Ecxlipse
RW SGCA Woodpile Winchester

Owner: Jan Dell

OD CH Karabel Hello Dolly of Sunspirit
LA SGC, SGCA Sunspirit Sugar Bear of Smokeycoons
RW QGC Sunspirit Royal Treasure
TGC Sunpirit Hello Darling
RW SGCA Sunspirit Some Buddy To Love
GCH Sunspirit Twinkle Toes

Owner: Gaynell Galloway

LA SGM Hani of Mahina

2018 24th Best HHPK Northwest Region
2018 6th Best HHP Northwest Region
2019 20th Best HHP International

Owner: James Thompson (and Elizabeth Thompson)

LA SGM A Lil Bit O Love of Endelosglede

2017 12th Best HHPK Northwest Region
2018 Best HHP International
2019 6th Best HHP Northwest Region

Owner: James Thompson

LA SGC Rextasy I'm a Knockout of Pipkin

2015 16th Best Kitten Northwest Region
2015 3rd Best Alter Northwest Region
2016 16th Best Alter International

Owner: Bobbie Watson

OD DGC Chipmunk California Dreaming

LA BW SGCA Chipmunk Imagonnabea Starr
RW QGC Chipmunk Arctic Explorer
RW QGCA Chipmunk Chinook Express
RW GCA Chipmunk Ibeeza Lil Dragon
GRC Chipmunk Arctic Dreams

Breeder/Owner: Kay Hanvey

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