2017-18 Top 25 Cats
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Best Cat
Best Shorthair Cat
Best Chartreux

IW SGC Carchet Masquerade
Blue Chartreux

Sponsored by Cozy&Comfy Coons

Breeder : Carole Mcfadden
Owner: Carole K Mcfadden/Chet Walborn

2nd Best Cat
2nd Best Shorthair Cat
Best Exotic Shorthair

IW SGC Legacysexotics Its A Kinda Magic
Red Silver Classic Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair

Congratulations! Kamisha Bengals & Exotics.

Breeder : Melody Young
Owner: Andres Munt/Nicholas Lovell/Linda Donley

3rd Best Cat
Best Longhair Cat
Best Maine Coon

LA SGC Shonancats Telegram Sam Of Coonamor
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby Maine Coon

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls

Breeder : Ryoko Doi
Owner: Jan Horlick

4th Best Cat
2nd Best Longhair Cat
Best Ragdoll

Congratulations from Carol & Chet

RW SGC Ragalong My Pooh Bear
Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder /Owner: Alan And Marilyn Mccorkindale

5th Best Cat
3rd Best Longhair Cat
2nd Best Maine Coon

RW SGC Bigrivercoon Flint
Brown (Black) Ticked Tabby/White Maine Coon

Congratulations on such a successful year! A magnificent fellow!

Breeder : Becky/John Boesch
Owner: Becky Boesch

6th Best Cat
3rd Best Shorthair Cat
Best Thai

RW SGC Sarsenstone Camas Of Quizzical
Seal Point Thai

Love you and your cats!

Breeder : Cristy L Bird
Owner: Virginia H Harris

7th Best Cat
4th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Bengal

RW SGC Snopride Shes A Beauty
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal

Congratulations from Tikka Sky Bengals.

Breeder : Margie Ann Heil
Owner: Syndi Odell

8th Best Cat
5th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Manx

RW SGC Faerietail Gemma
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie Manx

Sexy Rumpies!!

Breeder : Trisha Carson/Lyssa Paull
Owner: Lyssa Paull

9th Best Cat
6th Best Shorthair Cat
2nd Best Chartreux

IW SGC Carchet Marionette
Blue Chartreux

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls

Breeder /Owner: Carole K Mcfadden/Chet Walborn

10th Best Cat
7th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Scottish Straight

Congratulations from Carole & Chet

RW SGC Excatiburfolds Batman

Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby Scottish Straight

Breeder /Owner: Sauncha Romey

11th Best Cat
8th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Sphynx

RW SGC Skinisin Mister Gizmo
Black/White Sphynx

Congrats on Mr. Gizmo's huge success!! Valerie

Breeder /Owner: Colleen Boissonnault

12th Best Cat
9th Best Shorthair Cat
Best British Shorthair

RW SGC Silverbrook Guccio Gucci Of Bcblues
Blue British Shorthair

Sponsored by Teresa Trecker

Breeder : Marlena Mattingly
Owner: Pamela Lowndes

13th Best Cat
10th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Peterbald

RW SGC Heavenlyhairles Lucille Baldera
Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point Peterbald

Congrats to such a great cat and season

Breeder : Brenda Jean Main
Owner: Brenda J Main

14th Best Cat
11th Best Shorthair Cat
2nd Best Bengal

RW SGC Ripcity His Purple Majesty Prince
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal

Congratulations from Dramatails Selkirk Rex

Breeder : Lisa Johnson/Julie L Ollis
Owner: Lisa Johnson

15th Best Cat
12th Best Shorthair Cat
2nd Best British Shorthair

RW QGC Cheshirelady Hobbit
Blue British Shorthair

Breeder /Owner: Galina Benko

16th Best Cat
4th Best Longhair Cat
Best Persian

RW DGC Wasillia Lil Bit Of Gracee
Cream Classic Tabby/White Persian

Love your beautiful babies! Lucy

Breeder : Jenny Vessey/Tina Heigl
Owner: Jenny Vessey

17th Best Cat
5th Best Longhair Cat
2nd Best Ragdoll

RW QGC Familytimerags Coca Cola Bear
Seal Point/Mitted Ragdoll


Breeder : Stormi/Charles/Ashlan/Joey Nell
Owner: Teresa Trecker

18th Best Cat
13th Best Shorthair Cat
3rd Best Bengal

RW QGC Jewelspride Solo
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal

Sponsored by RostovAlmaz Toybobs

Breeder /Owner: Carmen Klassen

19th Best Cat
6th Best Longhair Cat
2nd Best Persian

RW SGC Wasillia Lil Bit O Honey
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby/White Persian

Congratulations! Love the Wasillia Kitties

Breeder : Jenny Vessey
Owner: Christa Chapman

20th Best Cat
14th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Scottish Fold

RW QGC N-Theodora Felisia
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie/White Scottish Fold

Congratulations! And welcome to TICA!

Breeder : Matsak Elena
Owner: Linda Maddocks

21th Best Cat
7th Best Longhair Cat
3rd Best Ragdoll

RW QGC Glassrosens Captain Jack Harkness
Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls

Breeder : Cecilie Midtgaard And Berit Huseby
Owner: Lise Cardinal

22nd Best Cat
15th Best Shorthair Cat
3rd Best British Shorthair

RW QGC Bribear Peter The Great
Blue British Shorthair
Sponsored by FelienCurly Selkirk Rex
Breeder : Tatyana Rybtseva
Owner: Pamela Barrett

23rd Best Cat
8th Best Longhair Cat
3rd Best Maine Coon

RW SGC Coonamor Seven Seasof Rhye
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie Maine Coon

Congratulations from Popokilani

Breeder /Owner: Jan Horlick

24th Best Cat
16th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Abyssinian

RW QGC Nightrox Creme Dela Creme
Fawn Ticked Tabby Abyssinian

Breeder : Susan M/Graham/Kristina Marshall
Owner: Susan M/Graham Marshall

25th Best Cat
17th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Oriental Shorthair

RW QGC Balimoor Evangeline Of Toreador
Lilac Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair
Congratulations from Carole & Chet
Breeder : Maureen Davies
Owner: Angela Hick Ewing

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