2012-13 OD and Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

OD Woodpile All That Jazz

Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon Female

IW SGC Woodpile Charlie Parker
IW SGC Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu
RW QGC Woodpile Dixie of Missy
TGCA Woodpile Winchester Jesse Jake
DGCA Woodpile Duke
GCA Woodpile UpRoar
GCA Woodpile Tiger Lily

Breeder/Owner: Jan Dell

Coongratulations from all your fur kids!!
CascadeMtn Ace O Spades

Black Maine Coon Male

14th Best LH Cat NW Region 2012-2013
20th Best LH Cat International 2010-2011
4th Best Kitten NW Region 2010-2011

Breeder/Owner: Susan and Blair Milburn

Wow Ace!
Lady Luck dealt you a great hand.
Newton of Cocoaspride

Black Smoke Tabby Neuter

25th Best HHP Adult 2012-2013 International
3rd Best HHP Adult 2011-2012 NW Region
2nd Best HHP Kitten 2010-2011 NW Region

Owner: Bob and Colette Griffiths

Congratulations from Julie and Mike Ollis at Bengal Flats Bengals
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