RW SGCA Pinecoon Darjeeling of Carolscats
2010-11Best of Breed ~ Ragdolls
Breed Awards Sponsored by Izzadorable Rags Ragdoll Cattery
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Best Cat

RW SGC Ragalong Yukon Gold
Seal Point Bicolor Male

Breeder/Owner: Alan and Marilyn McCorkindale
2nd Best Cat

SGC Ragalong Burgundy
Blue Point Bicolor Male

Breeder/Owner: Alan and Marilyn McCorkindale
3rd Best Cat

QGC Izzadorablerags Xanadu
Lilac Lynx (Tabby) Point Mitted Male

Breeder/Owner: Rebecca Player
Best Kitten

Chatandolls Sumo San
Seal Point Bicolor

Owner: Shawn O'brien / Fay McGee-Waldner
2nd Best Kitten

Catnip Lillie of Cashmererags
Seal Point Mitted Female

Owner: Lorna Kelly
3rd Best Kitten

Regencyrags Dolley Madison
Seal Point Bicolor Neuter

Owner: Alex and Dasha Marinets
Best Alter

SGCA Kissykat Living The Life O Reilly
Blue Point Bicolor Neuter

Breeder/Owner: Dana Croisdale/Dave Brown
2nd Best Alter

SGCA Hugaragdoll Milo
Blue Lynx (Tabby) Point Bicolor Neuter

Owner: Anthony and Cristina Cheng
3rd Best Alter

QGCA Cupidsragdolls Benjiro
Seal Point Bicolor Neuter

Breeder/Owner: Elaine Lenbach
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