RW SGCA Pinecoon Darjeeling of Carolscats

Carol Juhasz
TICA NW Region

Pinecoon Darjeeling of CarolsCats


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Meet Carol Juhasz ~ Member of the Year

Carol is 65 years young and has had cats all her life. Most were rescues, she adored them all. She got her first purebred, a Birman, in 1990 and has been a TICA member since 1991 (20 years!). She is not a breeder and only shows alters under her cattery name CarolsCats. She's been loved by a Ragdoll, 3 Birmans, and 5 Maine Coons.  She is currently showing a Maine Coon from Betsy Tinney, Pinecoon Darjeeling of CarolsCats who received an award this year for 6th Best Alter!

For many years she was a member of SACF (Southern Alberta Cat Fanciers) where she did entry clerking, signage and most of all the other jobs and now helps out the Southern Alberta Calgary Cat Fanciers (SACCF) when she can, behind the scenes. Carol also obtained her Head Ring Clerk designation in TICA. She does pet visitation with and has done this with both cats and dogs. She has shown 4 Shelties to their OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) in Obedience Trials with both the AKC and CKC and had the Top Obedience Dog in Canada in 1984. Carol attends as many shows as she can in our region and if she can’t attend, she will try to sponsor a ring or donate to the club. She absolutely loves attending the shows, win or lose, because, as she says,  "I love seeing all the exhibitors and their gorgeous kitties and making new friends!"

One friend comments, "I have had the great opportunity to show with Carol for the past 3 show seasons. Carol is very kind, caring and respectful person. She is what every exhibitor should strive to be. TICA is very fortunate to have her as a member and I am even more fortunate to have her as my friend. "

Another commented, "Carol is one of the sweetest , kindest people you could ever meet. On her first trip to Las Vegas she was like a kid in a candy store! The one thing that is very apparent is she adores her cats and is always willing to assist anyone."


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