RW SGCA Pinecoon Darjeeling of Carolscats
2011-12 Breed Best of Breed ~ Exotic Shorthair
Breed Awards Sponsored by Sunspirit Persians and Exotics
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Best Cat

SGC Parti Wai Ex Wipe Out of Morado
Black and White Male

Owner: Gabrielle Moore / Penni Richter
2nd Best Cat

SGC Templeparlor Queen Hatshepusut
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie Female

Owner: Kathleen Wittkower
3rd Best Cat

SGC Templeparlor Beauregard of Morado
Blue Silver Classic Tabby with White Male

Owner: Gabrielle and Greg Moore
Best Kitten

Templeparlor Isis Queenofthenile
Black Silver Classic Torbie Female

Owner: Kathleen Wittkower
2nd Best Kitten

Templeparlor Toulouse of Sunspirit
Blue Classic Tabby with White

Owner: Gaynell Gallaway
3rd Best Kitten

Marvonack Goldikova
Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby

Owner: Yvonne Patrick
Best Alter

IW SGCA Soft Paws Lucy Lu Who
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie Spay

Owner: Sean O'Brien, Gail Boden, Wendy Trotter
2nd Best Alter

RW SGCA Pishi Quigly Tank
Blue Neuter

Owner: Evelyn LeClair
2nd Best Alter

Marvonack Kashmir
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie

Breeder:Yvonne Patrick
Owner: Karen Holden
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