RW SGCA Pinecoon Darjeeling of Carolscats
2010-11 Bottom 10 Longhaired Cats
Top 20 All Breed          Bottom 10 Shorthairs      
11th Best Longhaired Cat

RW SGC Mikasu Gizmo

2nd Best Birman
Blue Point Gloved Male

Breeder/Owner: Teresa McRae

Sponsored by Mikasu Birmans
12th Best Longhaired Cat

RW QGC Bigrivercoon Bacardi of Cascademtn

3rd Best Maine Coon
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby Male

Breeder: Becky Boesch
Owner: Susan and Blair Milburn

Congratulations from
Chemicoons and Whatatrill Maine Coons
13th Best Longhaired Cat

Kaperkats Webster

Best Pixiebob Longhair
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby

Breeder/Owner: Kay Doyle

Congratulations from
The Pacific Northwest Outlaws
14th Best Longhaired Cat

RW SGC Bigrivercoon White Water Willy

4th Best Maine Coon
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby Male

Breeder/Owner: Becky and John Boesch

Congratulatons from CarolsCats
15th Best Longhaired Cat

QGC Arrowlakes Glimmering Lights

3rd Best Persian
Black Smoke Male

Breeder/Owner: Johanna Maloff

Congratulations from Myron, Lillian and Jennifer, Cedar Valley Persians.
16th Best Longhaired Cat

QGC Ahwannacoon Scarlet of Bigrivercoon

5th Best Maine Coon
Black Tortie with White

Breeder: Anne and Randy Greenlee
Owner: Becky and John Boesch

Congratulations from
Ahwannacoon Maine Coons
17th Best Longhaired Cat

QGC Izzadorablerags Xanadu

3rd Best Ragdoll
Lilac Lynx (Tabby) Point Mitted Male

Owner: Rebrcca Player

Sponsored by Hugaragdoll cattery
18th Best Longhaired Cat

RW SGC Balimoor Gentleman Tate

Best Oriental Longhair
Blue Spotted Tabby Male

Breeder/Owner: Maureen Davies

Sponsored by
Zeedaz Oriental Shorthairs and Siamese
19th Best Longhaired Cat

RW SGC Bigrivercoon Bugsy Malone

6th Best Maine Coon
Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby Male

Breeder/Owner: Becky and John Boesch

We love you Bugaboo!
Bigrivercoon Maine Coons

  20th Best Longhaired Cat

QGC Adorabledolls Northern Dancer

4th Best Ragdoll
Blue Point Bicolor Male

Breeder: Stuart Jaquez
Owner: Lise Cardinal and Sheri Wizniak

Congratulations from Shawn & Tot!
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