RW SGCA Pinecoon Darjeeling of Carolscats
2009-10 Best of Breed ~ Sphynx
Breed Awards Sponsored by Nudistcamp Sphynx
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Best Cat

SGC Peachkins Benjamin Franklin
White Male

Breeder/Owner: Ann Jorgensen
2nd Best Cat

TGC Little Diva Lady Godiva
Cream Point Female

Owner: Juanita Edge
3rd Best Cat

Vecchiomulino Obsidian
Black and White
Owner: Tracy Tomlinson
Best Kitten

Smoothies Hop on the Bus Gus
Blue and White Male

Breeder: Marion Sibley Yates
Owner: Jovannah Edge
2nd Best Kitten

Nudistcamp Black Magic
Black Tortie with White Female

Owner: Juanita Arroyos and Jovannah Edge
3rd Best Kitten

Nudistcamp Looking Sassy in Stripes
Blue Classic Tabby

Breeder/Owner: Juanita Arroyos
Best Alter

IW SGC Kingsransom Isabel of Smoothies
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie with White spay

Owner: Jovannah Edge
2nd Best Alter

Smoothies Streakin in the Dark
Black Neuter

Owner: Jovannah Edge
3rd Best Alter

Agoiayakoska Lil Miss Exhibisionist
Owner: Brown (Black) Classic Torbie with White

Owner: Juanita Arroyos
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