RW SGCA Pinecoon Darjeeling of Carolscats
2009-10 Lifetime Achievement Award Winners
LA SGCA Smokeycoons Amigo

Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon Alter

6th Best Alter NW 2009-10
18th Best Alter NW 2007-08
9th Best Alter International 2005-06

Breeder/Owner: Elaine Hawksworth Weitz and Fred Weitz

Congratulations from Dana and Chase
LA SGCA Grandbois Augustus

Blue Chartreux Alter

5th Best Alter International 2009-10
5th Best Alter NW 2008-09
12th Best Alter 2007-08

Breeder: Nancy Dionne
Owner: Carole McFadden and Chet Walborn

Congratulations from Blusey!!
  LA SGCA Winteridge Black Forest

Black Norwegian Forest Cat Alter

13th Best Alter NW 2009-10
22nd Best Alter International 2008-09
10th Best Alter NW 2007-08

Breeder: Karen Stinson
Owner: Carole McFadden and Chet Walborn

Congratulations Java from Patchmo
LA SGC Kingsransom Isabel of Smoothies

Black Tortie with White Sphynx Spay

14th Best Alter International 2009-10
15th Best Alter International 2007-08
10th Best Shorthaired Cat International 2006-07

Breeder: Jamie Christian Owner: Jovanna Edge

Congratulations from Peachkins!
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